Markets Rules

All traders must operate in accordance with the Northern Territory Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations, and this duty includes

  • Taking reasonable care of their own health and safety, and that of their staff/helpers
  • Taking reasonable care that their conduct does not adversely affect others;
  • Not obstruct access or disrupt any emergency service response;
  • Not misuse or tamper with any Council Utilities or other assets; and
  • Comply with terms and conditions for Trade Site and Vehicle permit.
  • Food vendors to have both blanket and fire extinguisher in visible easy to grab location
  • Pegs/star pickets/stakes not permitted – wrap around weight bags to be use at ground level
  • No ropes ties or other attachments to any ASTC equipment
  • Traffic management
  • Emergency procedures
  • Test and Tag
  • It is known to create an unsafe condition when extension leads, and power adapters are piggy backed on to each other as this can lower voltage in supplying power
  • Who is your nominated first aid officer?
  • Where are first aid kits kept?
  • Reporting incidents
  • Advise developing a traffic management plan
  • There is a shared traffic zone between vehicles and pedestrians with a 5 km speed limit.