1. How do I request a market stall?
  2. Follow the steps below
    • Complete the online application at New Stall Application Make sure you include the dates you want to attend as well as basic information about your products and site requirements i.e do you have a tent or require power. All online applications will be responded to within 48hrs. If your application is accepted a reply will be emailed to you advising there is a suitable site available.
    • Once your application has been accepted obtain your Public and Product Liability insurance as detailed below and email a copy to info@toddmallmarkets.com.au
    • Food stall holders have extra requirements ie:food registration and electrical to be tagged and tested as detailed below

  3. How much does it cost to have a stall at the Todd Mall Markets
  4. 2019 fees
    • Membership costs $5 for the calendar year. (Reminder new stall holder must attend 6 markets before a membership can be offered)
    • $30 for craft stall holders, $25 members
    • $35 food stall holders, $30 members
    • Casual stall holders $40 per stall

    These fees take into consideration that the vehicle permits, and stall holder licence fees will no longer need to be paid to ASTC. We have tried to keep these costs down to an absolute minimum.

  5. Do I require a council license to trade?
  6. No.

  7. Do I require a council vehicle permit?
  8. No

  9. Do I need my own public liability insurance to have a market stall?
  10. All stallholders are required by law to hold their own public and product liability insurance.
    Todd Mall Market does not provide public liability insurance.
    All stallholders need to purchase $10,000,000 Public Liability insurance. Foods stallholders need to purchase $10,000,000 Public Liability and $10,000,000 Product Liability
    Prior to attending your first market you will need to send a copy of your insurance to info@toddmallmarkets.com.au
    It is the responsibility of the stallholder to submit insurance renewals that occur throughout the calendar year.

  11. What are the requirements of a food stallholder?
  12. Food stallholders are required to be registered with the Department of Health and must ensure food registrations are submitted with all other necessary documents to Todd Mall Markets Incorporated prior to trading. Food registration certificates must be visible at your stall with a clear description of your products and prices. To organise your food registration contact Environmental Health on 89556122 or visit the Peter Sitzler Building 67 North Stuart Highway Alice Springs
    If you are a food stallholder or stallholder selling topical applications please mention this in your application

  13. What if I require gas and/or electricity?
  14. All electrical and gas equipment must be in accordance with NT Worksafe guidelines. Please be aware that sites are limited.

  15. Can I busk at the markets?
  16. Yes, as long as you comply with the permit regulations and contact the market coordinator prior to the markets.
    The Uniting Church Lawn area is not available during market times for performers or buskers due to Church Services. Acoustic music only (no amplifiers for busking)
    To obtain a busking permit contact the Alice Springs Town Council Community Projects Officer, on 8950 0505 or astc@astc.nt.gov.au

  17. Where is my site located?
  18. Notification of site allocations will be sent out prior to each market along with setup infomation and specific reminders in regards to vehicle access and egress.
    Photos and descriptions of each site are found under the Market Sites menu.

  19. What do I do when I arrive at the market to set up my stall?
    • If you aren't sure of the location of your site go to www.toddmallmarkets.com.au to see a photo & description of your site before entering the mall. Contact the Coordinator on 0458 555 506 if you still need assistance.
    • Enter the mall from the Southern End (Uncle Eddy's Ice-cream) no later than 8.15am
    • Put your hazard lights on to drive through the mall, speed limit is walking pace
    • Unload and remove your vehicle from the mall before setting up your stall. Vehicles need to be out of the mall by 8.30am.
    • Please don't park in the Church carpark as the Church use it on Sunday mornings for their parking
    • At 8.30am the receipting officers will start collecting the stall fees. Make there is someone in your stall at that time with the correct money so these ladies can get back to their stalls to start trading by 9am
    • At the end of the market pack up your stall before bringing your vehicle into the mall via the Southern end

  20. What if I can't attend a market?
  21. It is important to advise the coordinator before the day of the market (preferably by Tuesday). Phone/SMS 0458 555 506 or Email info@toddmallmarkets.com.au - If you need to cancel on the day please phone/SMS or email before 7am.
    You may lose your stall site if you fail to notify of non-attendance 3 or more times in a calendar year.

  22. How will I know if the market is cancelled due to bad weather?
  23. Check our facebook page Todd Mall Markets-Alice Springs at 7.00 am
    If there is no message of cancellation then the Market will go ahead